Remote Hara-Shin Therapy

Midori Kikuchi, Seattle, WA
Abundance America Corporation

I am usually very healthy, but all of a sudden I had severe pain in my lower abdominal area. I don't like going to a doctor especially during the pandemic. However, due to the sharp pain, I thought of going to a doctor.

Ms. Eri Shimono's face appeared in my vision and I knew my guide was wanting to contact her. I immediately sent her a text. .Eri responded back to me and she did Hara-Shin therapy remotely via Messenger video.

I had received Hara-Shin therapy in person in Japan before and I was very impressed with the results. My worries and concerns were vanished immediately.

Eri told me Chiharu established an advanced therapy, "Remote Hara-Shin Therapy", and she had taken the therapist course and was trained to be the official therapist. .I was questioning how it could be done remotely???
But Eri said the Remote Hara-Shin therapy has been far more effective compared to the original Hara-Shin Therapy!!!

I knew Eri is the type of the person who tells exactly how things are. If it is good, she will say so, if it isn't, she will say so as well. Anyway, I received her Remote Hara-Shin therapy to eliminate the pain.

During the therapy, Eri looked at my overall energy and she said my energy is low. She asked me many questions and we discussed my issues. Eri started sending energy and surprisingly my pain started to disappear. If you are reading this and doubting this, you need to experience it yourself. This is the only way to prove if it works for you or not.

Also, Eri taught me how to take care of myself and quit eating too fast... I have been so busy, and I was not chewing my food well enough. This was causing too much stress on my digestive system and all kinds of health issues occurred due to lack of chewing. She said to chew your food 30 times!. I felt so bad I was not taking better care of myself. So, I started taking care of myself and started chewing my food 30 times and enjoying my food.

Then my pain went away.

It was so hard to describe. It is truly more effective than the in-person session. You store all kinds of emotions and feeling in your colon. The Remote Hara-Shin Therapy is one of the greatest tools to look at your physical and emotional health.

We have to take charge of maintaining our own health. I appreciate Eri very much for giving me the opportunity to learn how to take care of myself by listening to my body, reducing stress, enjoying food slowly and chewing my food.

Eri's therapy session was a very meaningful time and made me realize many things. I highly recommend this to everyone! Be healthy on purpose.