Vortex Healing Tour with Eri

Karen NYC, New York

We decided to go to Sedona and started looking for a good healer for us on the internet and found Eri.
We exchanged emails, Eri is able to remotely check our energy. Eri took us to the vortex that suits us that day.

We loved Sedona's majestic scenery incredible silence.
We came from a big city so this was a perfect location for us.

Eri began using Sedna's energy for our healing. It was a wonderful experience for us.
Our breathing ajusted as Eri worked with the aroma oils and the healing took place we felt like we were in a different world...

After Eri's Vortex Healing Tour, our mind and body were very light.
We think we are not spiritual people, but we could feel the difference between before and after of energy work.

Eri is a great healer.
For those who would like to go to Sedona, I highly recommend her tours and sessions.