Eri is amazing professional healer

Steve Gold, Massachusetts

I recently was fortunate to experience a Hara-Shin healing session with Eri. The results are very positive and strong.

The basic idea of Hara-Shin therapy is that emotional memory and especially any traumatic emotion is held in the abdomen.

Eri is a very skilled practitioner. Using a generalized map of key points in the abdominal area and conversation with the client, problem areas are located. Then healing energy is applied to release these points.

In my case, some areas holding trauma of fear and sadness, some from childhood, were identified and freed.

I now have new freedom not to be pulled back into these feelings and it makes healing much easier. I feel much better.

I am lucky to have experienced Soul Life Coaching thru Toe Reading and Tuning Fork therapy with Eri. She is an amazing professional healer and I have been able to change my life for the better.

Hara-Shin is no exception. I am very happy and grateful for this healing work. Thank you.