Toe Reading

Dr. Aiko, Japan

I once browsed about toe reading at a Japanese bookstore. So I knew that the toes represent the person's way of life, but I was wondering what would change if I knew that?

However, I was very, every surprised to find out about my thumb nails! The thought that I was a bad person hurt my nails so much…
5ydars old? Even since around that time… I was confident that I was doing that because I didn't have beautiful nails all the time.

Even if I apply medicine or peel off my nails, I will not get clean nails.
Molding doctor told me that my nail bed was bad, and I gave up thinking that I couldn't help it anymore, but by changing my mind, beautiful nails will grow again! This was a shock to me.

What's more, by having them apply aroma oil, imagine their thoughts, and affirm, the toes that were bent in front of them become straight… It's as if a magical event is happening in reality. Toes taught me that my thoughts appear in my body.

I often heard and read stories about autonomic imbalance and all kinds of illnesses, in which the person's thoughts and way of life are expressed in the body as a message. But as I knew it in my head, I thought it was unrealistic and like human resources.

But even myself, without exception, appears on my toes… I think it was the easiest way for me to teach. Not only on my head, but that makes total sense.
And when I woke up this morning and suddenly looked at my toes, somehow the fourth finger on the right stretched straight and independently! It was so clear.
I am still surprised that my toes change so quickly.

This toe reading is visible way, so I think it can be conveyed to the other party even if it cannot be conveyer by words alone. Eri, I want you to continue forever, and I definitely want to learn by myself.
Thank you very much!!!