Raindrop Therapy & Energy Work

Yuko, Japan

I received Eri's Raindrop Therapy and Energy Work, and my mind and body were very healed. Thank you very much.

I had received it in Japan, but Eri's session was a completely different. She said, "I am holding a session while adjusting the energy of my client based on raindrops". It was a wonderful session.

Ordinary raindrop therapy consists of dripping essential oils along the spine, but Eri's raindrops can also be used along with full-body massage such as reflexology, hand and head massage as well as energy work.

Surrounded by Eri's gentle energy, it was a pleasant and dreamy time. More amazing is her reading of the body! It is like a message from the soul.

After receiving the message from Eri, at first I thought about it, but when she explained it in detail, I thought, How did you know that? I was surprised myself because what Eri said was something I was always wondering about. During the session, she removed the negative energy related to it. So, I felt lightened not only in my body, also in my mind.

What a mysterious experience! When I am back in Sedona, I would love to receive Eri's Raindrop Therapy and Energy Work again.