Spiritual work by Eri opened my heart and brought joy to my life!

Thomas Harris, Mississippi

Eri Shimono is an exceptionally gifted Spiritual healer! Working with Eri took me to the next stage in my spiritual growth and opened my heart to bring great joy into my life. I had two sessions and a hike with Eri.

In our first session I was fortunate enough to to experience her Raindrop Therapy as she was guided by spirit to include other healing modalities into my session. After the session we enjoyed some Japanese tea and talked about what we had experienced, their meaning and future paths.

Two days after my Raindrop Therapy we met early and hiked to an area to meditate as the sun came up over the mountain. During the meditation I released more negative energy which was replaced by light. Each of us knew that I needed another session. We talked about it and she recommended Hara-Shin Therapy which we scheduled.

My Hara-Shin session removed a great deal of stored emotions along with felt obligations to help/support others to my detriment. We talked at length about my path and what I want.

The details of the spiritual work that I experienced are too numerous and personal to describe here, however, the result of my experiences with Eri was to open my heat and to allow me to bring joy into my life.

Thank you Eri for all that do!