Amazing Healer!

Giti, Sedona, AZ

My name is Giti and I am suffering from PTSD for few years.

I moved to Sedona to help my healing. I met Eri and she started helping me with my healing.

My first session with her was unbelievable that was an energy work and when she was working on me her nose start bleeding and that never happened to her before.
She had to release so much stagnant energy but I felt like a brand new person after.

One of my session was Turning Fork Therapy and she worked on helping to release stress from my brain and after session I was so relaxed that it was unbelievable.

Eri is an amazing healer and a wonderful friend. She is very important to my healing journey.
I am so happy to met Eri in Sedona. She is an Angel and a real healer.
Thank you Eri for being my light in a darkness.

Sending you love and light!