My Experiences with Eri's Retreat

Fumio Maruyama Los Angeles, CA

Going back to Sedona
On a rainy Tuesday in January 2021, I landed at the Phoenix airport. Other than business trips, It was probably the first time in 10 years that I had traveled by myself. This was the week of the presidential inauguration. I caught a shuttle from Phoenix to the incredibly quiet airport to Sedona where Eri awaited. Nobody else, but the driver and me. This was my second trip to Sedona and I longed to come back. The opportunity came much sooner than I expected, and in a special way without a plan. I was invited and welcomed by rains and clouds.

Sedona Vortex Healing and Hiking
As soon as I unpacked my luggage Eri took me to the famous Boynton Canyon, that was still bathed in the soft rain. The energy flowing through the man rock and woman rock was strong, and my heart trembled when we arrived. We saw the dark and cloudy sky. The earlier rain still mudded the trail, and we did not see any other hikers except a few locals with dogs. On this famous mountain known for its strong spiritual energy, I carefully listened and felt the sound of the winds whispering to each other, the crisp coldness of the air, the warmth of the red soil, and the voice of the mountain gods. I felt like I was hugged by nature's energy up in a thick, cloudy sky. There are only deer, the mountain, and me from Los Angeles.

The second day.
Eri took me to the iconic Cathedral Rock. The clouds from the rain yesterday remained in the sky in the morning and the shape changed every few moments by the whim of the wind effecting my concentration so that I have to look at my feet for grounding sometimes, but I didn't mind. On this famous trail, again, only the two of us and singing blue birds… It was magical again. My eyes were relentlessly chasing the clouds as I looked up. The cloud-filled sky of Sedona was just beautiful and constantly changing.

On the rocks of the Vortex where the wind gently blows, the overhead clouds were washed away, and the temperature began to rise. On Eri's favorite secret spot, she gently applied aroma oil called Gary's Light on me to purify the energy,.

I had been talking about a story of a few friends when we were getting ready for the hike that morning. Eri saw my face and knew that I was actually suffering with complex and unpleasant interactions with a friend. We all have issues among difficult friends' relationships but Eri told me that it was very clear I was struggling, and suffering. It was time for me to let go.

I think some relationship can fall into dark places when we lose balance. We meet for reasons, but it does not mean that you will have to be with that person forever. Sometimes people come and go, teaching lessons that we need for our soul growth. Don't overdo it anymore, don't stick to it, don't lie, don't do nasty things, take care of yourself. With the scent of Joy, you do what really delights your heart for the time left in your life. .Your destiny is to conform your soul most faithfully to your own pleasure. You don't have to conform to other people's expectations and match other people's opinions or mirror their moods, - only your own. I learned a lot from our discussions about life. It was time to say thank you and let go.

The third day.
We woke up early and go to see the sunrise and headed to the trail overlooking Airport Mesa. In the crisp and rather moist air, under the beautifully colored morning sky, I received another guided meditation before the sunrise moment. I felt that Eri's gentle voice resonate very warmly in my pelvis. With that, the sun rose, and showed us its face behind the cloud and painted the sky with rainbow lights.

Hara-Shin Therapy (Cho-Shin Therapy)
When Eri's therapy started, I was not yet fully relaxed. I lay very comfortably on the massage table of her therapy room, which was adjusted to a warm temperature and had a good scent. I could feel some tension left in me. My stomach is my weak spot (messenger) and indicator from my body that I need some rest. I have such a short temper it can cause terrible diarrhea. Sometimes the skin around my stomach twitches in response to strong stress, or when I recall bad memories or extreme sadness. However, as soon as the session started, my stomach became completely relaxed. Eri started asking questions to find my traumas and triggers.

While talking about memories of my childhood, I felt the warmth when Eri gently put her hand on the part of the stomach where there was a feeling of pain, thrusting, cold, etc. Energy is sent from there, for healing then quietly shifts to the next part. You can even see that your intestines are moving with healing energy. Her fingers seemed to be reading the movement of my intestines and where the energy was stuck.. I lost track of time in a deep meditative state. The session of intestinal therapy is over with the words, "The negative emotions I removed today will never return anymore."...

I am convinced that my abdomen has changed softly, and my feelings were very refreshing. I now feel that what I have eaten will be the nutrition in my body or going out, but what I absorbed with my heart remained stuck in my intestines. If we don't take care, I can easily imagine that it will be toxic…and future disease maybe even as cancer.

All I can say about this therapy is this is something I want to confirm myself for another chance someday. Thank you Eri for your kind guidance and I will visit you again.