Toes will tell you

Yukiko Osaka, Japan

I didn't know there was such a thing as Toe Reading!
Then I met Eri.
I read about Toe Reading on Eri's website, I was intrigued and wondered what my fate had been and how could I adjust it by learning what my toes had to say.
I became more and more fascinated by Toe Reading!

At Eri's Toe Reading session, we could see an " angraved" happening from when I was 17!
Then my toes turned red! Eri explained " Your toes are talking and telling you that you are still holding onto some trauma."
I was very surprised.

My toe reorded what had happened in my life. With this realization, I am not powerless to direct my future.
So I studied Toe Reading Level 1 with Eri and now I love and appriciate my toes as never before.

Eri's Toe Reading session and classes are phenomenal.
Don't hesitate to try this!!!