About Eri

My name is Eri Shimono, a Japanese therapist. I have been drawn to this sacred American land, Sedona.  I have been trained, and am skilled at many different healing and energetic therapies, practicing Past-Life Regression, Raindrop and Energy Work, and Toe Reading for over 20 years.

The sessions take place with a beautiful view of the Red Rocks, allowing clients to enjoy the Vortex and Red Rock energy while doing their chosen treatment. The combined energies provide meaningful and spiritually healing experiences where the energy of the Vortexes can be directly experienced.

I also conduct a Sedona Vortex Healing Tour, which is a culmination of effectively using the healing energy of a Vortex while hiking.
Red Rock and Vortex energy are an important part of the Sedona experience and are enhanced again and again by the beautiful scenery and the dynamic energies of the Vortexes themselves.

Nature and Spirit overflow with unimagined beauty and serenity so powerful that varied therapy experiences are both enhanced and lasting for many clients. The healing energy which I am skilled at providing brings clients back again and again to Sedona. During the session healing energy of wondrous Red Rocks differently do the magic to my clients.

I have lived in America for almost 35 years, and more than half of those years have been spent with cactus, blue skies and the Red Rocks in Arizona. Sedona is my most favorite place on this planet. It is one of the healing places where you can experience your authentic self.

Difficulty the adventure of moving to and living in a foreign country enables one to live a more aware life, treasuring ones own country, while living a life of continual growth encountering wonderful and various people from all walks of life.

My personal recovery from several medical surgeries, and caring for the bed-ridden father for 15 years, are experiences that have taught me unconditional love, happiness, importance of family, and the blessing of friends.
And, I realize today and every day that I am still learning.

My favorite word is gsmileh. Watching other peoplefs smiles brings me so much joy, and smile truly is contagious. It is my hope and desire to that I can spread the many smiles, through my sessions and tours, for the wonderful people I meet in my work.

Come to Sedona, I would love to share the Red Rock and Vortex energy with those people whose paths cross mine.