Amagi Themal Therapy

What is Amagi Thermal Therapy?
Master Rendo Sugimoto developed the Amagi Thermal Therapy. "Amagi" means "Mountains that reach to the heavens" and is based on "Gyoja" a form of Japanese shamanism that combined with Buddhism in the 7th century.

His technique combines this knowledge of healing through the powers of Nature together with other elements discovered during his own healing experiences.

After being told by doctors he would not walk again after a paragliding accident, Master Sugimoto decided to take matters into his own hands, Through his spiritual understanding he realized how the body heals and Amagi Therapy was born.

Master Rendo developed a unique approach to self-healing and treating pain.

Amagi Thermal Therapy is focused on re-establishing a balanced mind-body relationship. It is practical method based on the belief that each one of us is solely responsible for maintaining our own state of health.

"I will teach you this amazing healing method that is easy for anyone to master, anywhere, to relieve physical pain, stiffness and discomfort."

Price: 60min $150 For Remote healing, use Zoom, Facebook Messenger.

To book your Amagi Themal Therapy, please contact Eri