Toe Reading

By reading your toes, the story will unfoldc Are you walking your destined path?
Understanding your toes is the first step to understanding who you really are.
Did you know that everything that happens in our lives is recorded holographically into our feet? This is the very foundation of Toe Reading!
Major traumas, dramas, personality tendencies and destiny factors are all revealed in the shape of our toes. As KC miller, master Toe Reader puts it, gEverything Something,h which is so true in Toe Reading/Soul Coaching.

Toe Reading
What is it?
Toe reading is the metaphysical belief that a person's thoughts, feelings, and emotions show up physically in the shape, direction, and color of the toes.
This belief system, based mostly on the Eastern philosophy of Reflexology, entertains the idea that the energy stored in the toes tells the tale of that person's life history.
Did you ever think that your toes could tell a story? Quite interestingly, toes are a diary of life, the steps we have taken and the experiences we have had.

Are we living in our power, or being suppressed? Are we walking our purpose? Do we have great ideas? Do we worry? Are we experiencing true love, passion, trust, prosperity, hardship, responsibility? Are we on task? Is there hidden talent?

The answers are registered in the toes.

Price: 90min  $180
For Remote healing, use Zoom, Facebook Messenger.

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